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Ombudsmen | Mediation

Resolve misunderstandings and disagreements beforehand

The boards and associations often receive complaints that do not explicitly mention any violation of the Code of Ethics or do not relate to conduct covered by it. Such complaints may be related to technical or procedural questions that can be easily resolved. The Idaho REALTOR's Professional Standards Committee suggests that improved communication and initial problem-solving at the local or regional level can prevent many ethics complaints. To provide this capacity, the IR has established ombudsman procedures. The primary role of the ombudsman is to facilitate communication and conciliation, not adjudication. The ombudsman aims to prevent misunderstandings and disagreements from becoming disputes and potential charges of unethical conduct. Therefore, they anticipate, identify, and resolve issues before they escalate.

For more information or to utilize the ombudsman service, please contact:

Melissa Gray at or 1-800-621-7553.

Real estate industry disputes are typically resolved through negotiation. If negotiation fails, litigation or arbitration is often the next step. However, mediation can be a useful tool to resolve conflicts between two or more parties. It involves a third-party professional who intervenes to help resolve the dispute.

Mediation is particularly useful in resolving controversies between Board Members and their clients or customers. It can lead to amicable resolutions and reduce the need for formal and complex arbitration procedures. 


Idaho REALTORS® offers a Mediation process, and in 2012, the Board of Directors made it mandatory before resorting to Arbitration for those Boards that contract with the Idaho REALTORS® for these services.

For more information or to utilize the mediation services, please contact:

Melissa Gray at or 1-800-621-7553.

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